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Sunday, January 31, 2010

is ending

the misery post…..

some days in the past, I was so proud on myself.

some days in the past, my self-esteem was built drastically.

some days in the past, I was in the sweet dream.

some days in the past, I was jubilant delight in the war.

some days in the past, I was cheer with all of you.

so sad you have forgotten me.

so sad to say I can’t leave.

so sad I still living with your soul.

so sad I finally know I ain’t nothing to you.

so sad you leave me again.

so sad you ignore me.

so sad I loved you.

two months, I couldn’t find your foot print.

two months, I couldn’t search you.

two months, i couldn’t receive your email.

two months, I couldn’t wake up from missing your shadow.

two months, I couldn’t hide the shine from you.

two months, I darken my heart just to reserve this place for you.

two months, I receive much of blessing from friend just to encourage me to get you back.

two months, I totally lost in the way of loving you.

the starting ain’t nothing to me.

the jealousy ain’t nothing to me.

the only friendship ain’t nothing to me.

the money ain’t nothing to me.

the dark path to love you ain’t nothing to me.

the attacked was too hurt.

the curse was too cruel.

the sun shin was too bright.

the soul has fallen.

the repel between us has started.

the love between us has ended…………………………………………

the post is for me and you…….


Fé£۩ said...

Cheer up~ An ending doesnt mean everythings over k~ U can get up Again n Have a BETTER START n AWESOMEmost Future k!! Be happy -STRONG n Enjoy life~ !!

Supia Chao said...

Hey cheer up, wanna hear a story?
3 years ago my bf was dead from an accident. Life was totally hard. I lost my sunshine, I lost my hope. But my life still haven't end. Whatever God has taken from you is so that you can appreciate what you have. Its okay to be sad but remember to recover fast and get back to your momentum. Because life won't wait for you and me.

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