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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

EXAMS troublesome!!

Exam ,Exam, Exam!!!!!!

Why Malaysia education is only Exam. One form 5 year need to take Exam every two month. In fact, the teachers can’t draw out enough time to teach us as well as finish the syllabus. Then how we gotta step into the REAL SPM?

By the way, I extremely feel unfair that some good teachers always teach the front class. Does the SUB-SCIENCE class shame our school? That’s F**K. blaming to those who feel different from me. My school physic teacher totally lost when teaching my class. Although the IT-EDUCATION teaching cost very high prize to school but it seems to no avail. No one will feel interest to the STUPID COMPUTER SOUNDS. The pronunciation of the computer is perfect, but alas, do we actually understand. Our country may known AS ROJAK. We say too many language compare to other country. How we gotta know the foreign pronunciation? So of us maybe unlucky haven go to Europe country, I’m not exception. So, I prefer teacher sound than ROBOT.

In other way, my physic teacher maybe educated from secondary school only. At times, she taught us some wrong formula, we were lost that time. We have to put more money depend on TUITION CENTRES. My pocket moneys burnt too when taking bus to tuition, DAMN.

Do our teachers false or ours, students? Do we feel enjoy looking the screen from projector? Or we can read 10 subject ourselves without any helping of teacher?


Supia Chao said...

lolx. dear, form 5 is just beginning I am at uni now and basically we got test like every week. that sound worse right? There is one Malaysian habit that we all develop--blaming. We blame others for things we are not satisfy. Chill and relax its just SPM no matter what. Its not the end of world. ^^
Wish you all the best ya!

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