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Thursday, December 31, 2009


i coming now.....year 2o1o......

2day, i wanna post one note de....but when back home....is too late....

in here.....hope you all happy all the time and healthy always......

dont be too late if something haven done or settle..... who want to pursue...go now..... who wan to propose....go ahead....hope u succeed.... who wans to forgive someone...now don be too late until cant face she or he..... who wanna say i love u....now is the time...say 20times love u 10times i will be with you.... who would like to appreciate....do it now...don be late unless he was legend.... who would like to swear to god???now....he will listen...... god bless to all christian.....happy2010....

DUN BE LATE.....u will regret

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

……Different eyes looking the different sky…..

Everyone has a dream, no matter how old is she or he, no matter what situation it is. All the point in it is, does the dream comes truth?

From the researched of a well known psychologist, more than half of hundred, people dreams money, coming by opposite sex, work, family and more. Human has been glamorized by $$ demons. Some people able to maim others for money, where is humanity now? It’s like a killer.

Raunchy world is coming. Sloppy government, scandal of humanity, bimbo encroaching Some people able to maim others for money, where is humanity now? It’s like a killer.

Raunchy world is coming. Sloppy government, scandal of humanity, bimbo encroaching youth world, bloodiness human killing animal to make mink and craze and more reality we haven’t realize.

Let us think deeply, are we living in a judgemental world or we have lost the way the god given us? Or it have more questions mark coming?

Figment of my imagination always is the heaven, fantabulous. Are you the same? Or thinking bad intention? Hesitantly, I’m not a perfect human. I fail to control the helm of my life.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

promises make me feel headache

another 2 promises i made 2day.....damn bored lol.......why my heart can't reject??=="

too much of promises,,,can't archive them one day,,,or even lackof money to pay off.....

a silly guy does stupid things~~~

hope another year comes through and have a new habit......a difficult year...SPM year....keeping my hand crossed,,hoping the 1993 SPM candidates can bit the government record....the most A's year.....i'm going to hit it....GAMBATEH.....strive to all people who are breathing...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009



An awarded film, usually is some kind of movie that we can’t understand or can’t get any tips from the movie. This kind of awarded movie by far didn’t show in our cinema, sometimes it was pitiful that we didn’t have an opportunity to watch. Movie like Brokeback Mountain or Livingston Seagull, which were allegory showing the highest human value, is hardly even known. I had watched a few, but couldn’t get the value and even fallen as sleep, not enough artistic cells.Contrary to popular belief, teenagers have no interest in these awarded films.

Films that are popular are low in value. Do YOU agree?

We love blockbuster. 2009, a year with many blockbuster movies, namely Twilight: new moon, Harry Potter: the half blood prince, Transformer: revenge of fallen, Star Trek, Ninja, Fast & Furious 4, G.I.JOE……….many many more……….cant name so much……but I know the producer of these earn lot of profit…… On the other hand, there is no meaning in the story and nothing can be learned from it. Yet these were a successful movie. It grossed hundreds of millions.

Besides that, I found a Taiwanese movie CAP NO.7, it is a legend for Taiwan movie industry. This movie has many nice comments in forum and blog and newspaper. A love movie and takes a long time in cinema, damn long.
nd the last maybe from me. XD and it brings new life to Taiwan movie, according to

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, a big winner in Oscar award, it brought back 8 BEST from there. All newspaper shown, do you guys remember? Sure for those up-dated human.

1. Best Achievement in CinematographyAnthony Dod Mantle

2. Best Achievement in DirectingDanny Boyle

3. Best Achievement in EditingChris Dickens

4. Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original ScoreA.R. Rahman

5. Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original SongA.R. Rahman (music) Gulzar (lyrics) For the song "Jai Ho".

6. Best Achievement in SoundIan Tapp Richard Pryke Resul Pookutty

7. Best Motion Picture of the YearChristian Colson

8. Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or PublishedSimon Beaufoy

This is just a part of the prizes, there is more, can’t display. ^^


I had watched this movie. I give it 95/100. A pretty high marks. I’m not the judge, maybe I have a bit over, in my exam, I also haven’t get this high marks, perhaps in the coming soon exam. This movie had touched my heart, painful. It’s about a love story and friendship and brotherhood.

The leading actor is Jamal Malik, an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, India. He never give up in everything he do, never say can’t. A little boy who had past all those difficulty, protect his beloved and brother. Who is about to experience the biggest day of his life. With the whole nation watching, he is just one question away from winning a staggering 20 million rupees on India’s “who wants to b a millionaire?” but when the shows breaks for the night, police arrest him on suspicion of cheating; how could a street guy know so much? Desperate to prove his innocent. Jamal tells the story of life in the slum where he and his brother grew up. Of their adventures together on the road, of vicious encounters with local gangs, and of Latika, the girl he loved and lost.

Although this movie had taken some awards, but I didn’t feel bored when I watched. The background music is amazing, and Indian dance was showed. I think every Indian movie will have a dancing part, and I feel some was too overdraw, dancing with gun shooting, look longingly to a girl and coming with dance to show love, hero saving his beloved or bride….haha.

Jamal,Salim and the girl...Latika


he's baking"cakes"...disgusting......looking the sky whether have any other bird doing the same thing with him...SHIT

showered by shit.....don't cry~ XD For his idol,,he jump to the shit dump...this is the shity Jamal..xp

HURRAY!!! triumph comes through...he got a Amitabh Bachchan sign...his idol....and he got the only one sign...valueble......but at last his brother sell it......sad ending
....never give up...

at last,,,jamal and latika finally can stay together...
Latika:i knew you'd be watching, i thought we'd never meet again only in death.....kiss me
this is our destiny.....

who wants to be a millionaire...is that important?

After this movie I feel that money is not all to us. A family, a brother, a beloved, a tranquility lifestyle, a sweet dream at night, a relax work, a friendship…..these are the things we can’t get by money. Hope the future won’t control by money and robot

Monday, December 21, 2009


this pic a bit blur,,,perhaps the Santa Claus still in round shape
hallo~~~~......the little angel was pulling a big bag~~~presents!!! if the Santa says who want a present,,,i may be queue up with those children..xp

FOO,,,don't dream le...presents is for under12....you're to over aged...ha

SORRY, i feel this is a nice pic, so i posted....forgive ..T_T...haha

we are talking someone shirt....dirty adi...XD...at last i didn't tell her


auntie FOO and auntie SIEW

they were dreaming their boyfriend to feed them.....haiz.....

i'm not the uncle with auntie..XP

i'm scolding the camera man.coz cant tahan adi....had capture almost 3minutes

Christmas is coming soon. hope you guys stay with good health and happiness.

Christmas is a memorable day to all Christians. because this day a baby had born and is a big deal. he is the only one. TQ

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Revege 01

Everyone had been insulted by people or may be subjected to serve verbal abuse. It is a big shame and slur to me. I extremely hate it. If have a law to stop this humanity criticizing, I’ll devote myself on it.

As the saying goes in Chinese,” good things can’t reject, bad things too”. We must have a prepared to accept something that we unexpected.

Story start:

Lighting streaked across the darkened overcast sky follow quickly by a sharp clap of roaring thunder. It was no longer waiting that he realized big storm was imminent. The wind picked up speed and hurled twigs and yellowed leaves onto the side of the classic Mercedes and into it. He ran as fast as he could find a shelter.

The rain wasn’t drizzle, it was fell as if the entire heavens had been thrown out. It was not pouring, it was gushing forth. He still couldn’t find a places, he had be drenched from head to toes.

The booms, crashes and flashes continued shocking his each time. His heart was pounding. Rats run panicky to back home, hardworking ants continue working, cricket packing its mike, bird in the nest warming its children soul…

“Hey, damn! Why no human staying here?” yelled by him, rendered helpless. As he walk and walk, a soft sound came from his back. Gathering all his courage, he swiftly turned around and there she was – a fat housewife, dressed in flora grown, stood next to a huge rain tree. Smiling kindly, she beckoned to me. Hesitantly, he walked towards her askance.

After arrived a small cabin, a cold wind slapped on his cheek. When he looked back, she disappeared. His heart continued pounding, his palms were perspiring and his leg felt like jelly as the housewife’s face kept circling in his mind. “Where am I? Is anybody home?” he asked rudely. Continue whispering. “Why she had gone?”

Bad dreams come in unpredictable.

Rain finally stopped. But he had fallen into a labyrinth. He couldn’t find the way out. Doors locked.

“Hahaha.” a load laughing voice, coming by a deep roar~ he was tightened by fear.

The peevish voice comes through his ears, and he was rooted on his spot, fear terrorizing his heart, tears couldn’t stop.

“You won’t have a great success in your career! You’re such a futile, inane to me. A trivial job also unable to finished. Don’t waste my money. It’s mine, not yours!” said by a nerd. Coming another helper. “You’re suck, nothing in your brain. Better donate it to bitch.” Said by a woman that doesn’t have eyebrows.

A big hand slapped, coming by a baseball rod, smack on his spinal. Painful can’t express. Just began prayed. Praying it was a bad dreams, heart was too traumatized to even cry for forgiveness. Because he had knew the rules of demons being. No fight back, no crying, no restrain, no one heard smacking sound…

Quietude finally settled in this cabin. Just left an useless and bloody guy. Couldn’t express any words, couldn’t stop tears from falling down. A desperate future for him. Lost some function of body. Even rice also can chew. Burying himself into a damn hole.

Story will be continue …

All too soon, couldn’t stop. It just a flash of comet pass through earth. We can see, but can we catch? Another sight, we can remember. It’s a stigma on heart. It can’t clear. Fear in our mind, insulted in brain, scar on body, adversity of devil challenge, promises we make with nerd, it is a clammy stuff. Don’t let others to control our life. Life is us, god presents us, we must cherish. We have no righteousness to judge people and even ourselves. So, what do we need to do?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

god bless

Thank god…

I’m very happy 2day. I had done my job that god leave it to Christians, sharing gospel. 2day, a guy has trusted god is the only one and Jesus Christ is son of the god. Hope he can continue choice that he made 2day. I’ll do my best to help him.
God bless. AMEN

I had met a Christian by far. It’s so less in Malaysia. Some people even don’t wanna know why we celebrate Christmas. I was pissed. Why refuse?
Huh……make a deep breath.
Do you all know what is Christmas? What is the purpose we celebrate? Don’t tell me we celebrate for the Christmas tree. Haiz… I was flabbergasted.
I was devastated and who can comfort me……
I’ll strive for more people to know you god. It’s a trivial job for me but contains lot of meaning.
Sooner or later I’ll reach my target………….gambateh…………cheer up……^^

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ginny yap sin yee

this photo has some problem..not like the original sin yee

We have a same ancestor in hundred years ago, I believe. We are YAP. You are the one I meet who is the most hardworking. She always busy on tuition, reading, and others art class. She is really a talented person in art. Besides drawing, she is also good in designing. My class has no way to fight against you in class decoration design, haha.

Sometimes, she is unpredictable and fickle. Do girls all the same?? Don’t always insisted yourself to the deep dump. It’s difficult to climb up. Studying is for some enjoy. Don’t ever shed tears on passed exam, make great effort will overcomes obstacles. Flawless victory will always by your side.

Novel, is her precious treasure. She is the fans of housewife writer, Twilight and Harry Potter. She has whole collection of the novels, an intense reader.
When you want to give me an earful, go a head. I’ll keep my finger cross hoping it wont makes me deplores. Hope you have a nice youth life, not suffocating in study.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Vincent Cheang Min Shin

He is the one who was always bully by friend when primary school. Perhaps he meet me, had pulled out from violent. XD

He is an avid online game player, is difficult to draw him out of games. When he took part in Sin Chew Xue Ji last year, he changes a bit. I think he is busy being a part of the big family. That place had become his second home. He finds lots of fun, friends and the important one- knowledge. I’ll always be his back supporting him, gambateh.

He is the only one who always board bus with me. Have sumptuous dinner and supper together umpteen time. And I found that he is such a DBKL. He will help you to clear all the dishes. Other than that, he can have two dinners in one night, incredulous to me. Apparently, he is very thin, unable to fat, compare with me, I’m just like a balloon, eat more size more…T_T… not fair~

Vincent, be an iron man. Make decisions yourself, don’t hesitate. Supporter is right here.

Lim Ping Chun

I tell you all. He is not fat at all, he is just chubby. It’s difficult to describe him, I just wanna tell you that he look alike with his father, copy & paste.

He has a shamefaced, pigeon-hearted, intelligent brain and good Chinese writing skills. It’s totally a reality to me. I can’t understand a single sentence in his Chinese essay. You’re the one. Haha
I know I’m such an embezzler to you, I always bully you, like a recalcitrant. But you never give me an earful, I must thank god. If I speak sheepishly to you, will you think I have something wrong?? “don’t ever think that.”

You’re the only one who always listen to me, no wonder my words is rubbish, brickbat, gospel….you will give me a nod. I know sometimes you will feel yawn or jerk me or curtly to answer me, all this I don’t mind, unless you give me a sharp frowns and scold me “asshole”, I will quickly stay away to find a save territory that you won’t cross. XD

You’re the noble guy, sorry to affect your “pure mind”. I’ll stop that, promise.
At last, please think about your future plan. It is an important plan that everyone must have, don’t be a missing sheep, it has no bright way to find the way home. :p

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Chloe Siew Yuan Theng
A girl that has pair of beady eyes, noble, unassuming and has a perfect inner beauty. Such a gorgeous eulogize to her. In fact, she is a nice girl with a persistent personality. Will not give up easily, and cause me fed up to her. Always get high marks in additional math, make me feel jealous, it’s also a positive influence to me, “I wanna defeat her.” I vow.

Besides school uniform, she is always suited in dark-colored t-shirt and jeans. That’s her “logo”. No doubt, that’s her unassuming, not like some others brat, suited tacky and overdraw. Looks like going to such a spooky soiree….. Perhaps my friend didn’t wear like, or afraid to show in front of me. XD

A single parent family is so difficult to stand on this muddy earth. Not easy to walk. Notwithstanding, Chloe is the strongest girl. Never ask why and determine to be a good girl. She is a top notch in piano. Although I had never listened her musical performance, but in my ideal Chloe, she will record down and let me hear. XD

Maybe I haven find your shortcomings. I won’t give up. Always remember you still have us, do not sob miserably alone. MJ-“you’re not alone, I’m here with you, though you far away, I’m here to stay………”

Emily Foo Li Ting

I know her since standard 2. The time passes so fast until I couldn’t separate with her. But I had share lots of triumph, adversity, sadness and happiness as well as quarrel together in my journey of life. No doubt, I care about her. She aim so much for me, Li Ting. Li Ting, I think you are amazing, like, the beauty and brains incarnate. Other than that, she also has a pair of keen eyed, searching handsome boys as well as Edward Cullen, boys who’re wealthy, some guys who has a good music career…..
Between times, she had told me something. Something that is incredulous and amazing. For instance, her BF. She told me her BF brickbat. That is incredulous. If her BF know, it may be very embarrassing to him. Girl tells boy about her partner. Because I had never heard my girl friends talk about their partner in front of me. And the amazing is many boys had fall under her dress. Some of them don’t want to break relationship with her. Such a big attraction expose from her, fervor frenzy.
Foo, I always wanna tell you, THANK YOU. I appreciate to know you. You’re the one who give me positive influence and help me bring out my best and tide me through difficult times.
Last but not the least, I afraid you restrain me with one sharp frowns, and ignore me, cause me feel bad dreams in night.

I have the most wonderful relationship that anyone of you can get. This is the person I offers love and respect and will never leave or betray her.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Did u guys have ever meet a girl tat make your face blush,heart beating increases,,passion,,wanna know her,,???

i had once.i was incredulous.i'm always a metal hearted guy..Why a girl will stole my heart swiftly??asking myself.."chuckling"..


I looked longingly at SHE as i saw her chatting with her friends. Although SHE is showered by water, wet, clumsy hair but SHE wore black shirt, black pants and a necklace that brings lucks, she was so beautiful. SHE was the most beautiful thing on two legs. SHE was modest, tall, sweet and innocent – everything that I wanted in my girlfriend.

She appeared unintentionally to shade some light to my definition of love. In the eyes of others, she might be just a girl who stays next door living in ordinary life. But for me, she is not. Some kind of adage by XX “A perfect lady isn’t real, a real lady isn’t perfect”. Absurd, I have no other words to describe about her but ideal and flawless.

For some inexplicable reason, I was tongue-tied. I had rehearsed saying, “ Hi, SHE, I’m Jeffrey.” at least a hundred times in heart and facing the toilet mirror. Having waited a couple of minute for SHE to past by me. I had failed again.

Forlornly, I walked alone in the path to swimming pool. On the swimming pool water I reflected upon my plight. I knew that I was not bad-looking and SHE was not an unfriendly sort who would snub my offer of friendship. Dabbling water to the fluttered leaf beside the pool. Thinking how to seize a chance to get closer to SHE.

My feeling bound me in bizarre……..is that means LOVE??

If I have that chance, will my tongue-tied? Will SHE give me a poker face?? Anyway, I try to go there frequently, waiting SHE appear at the rendezvous, hoping SHE can remember me……. ^^