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Monday, January 4, 2010

to be a winner?

Is it possible that everyone of us is the winner of life??

I had taken my report card. It doesn’t seem dull. I know I’ll GOAL. I told myself. I’ll be a winner of this class..

But, everything was too easy for me in this few second. I can cheat myself. I can chuckle myself is a winner. I can blame my parents didn’t give me enough resources. I can also enjoy this few second bluffing here.

Few seconds passed like I was slapped by my conscience, I must get it out now. Dreaming seems to no avail for me. Fuck it off!! Pissed!! My conscience was aiming my head with an AK-47… continued by suck it… NERD...

Everything passed through my life. I just need a bombproof shirt to avoid it shoot me again. I must devotes myself to the flawless victory, nothing is free in this world even a mother conceives you, an egg drop into your hands..


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