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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

City lifestlye....

Life in the city is definitely exciting. There is crowd all over this city. Even the pests also damn crowed.

But do we really enjoy this exciting lifestyle?

Don’t we feel stress every day? Do you rushing for a bus, train or crossing a road?

And do we enjoy this polluted lifestyle?

Enjoying the carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide come from smokers or enjoy listening to those nerd saying some f**king words?

It is depressing to continuously hear the roaring of vehicles,

The chatter of high pitched voices trying to speak above the din,

Blaring speakers spewing out distasteful music

And hundred other noises that infest the city.

There is the cigarette smoke by inconsiderate smokers who think that others should be honoured to breathe in smoke from other parties. It is suck until die!

I’m fed up that I take bus at Chow Kit Road, walking the Petaling Street, waiting monorail in Titiwangsa, shouting to a friend beside me in order to be hear.

The hectic pace in the city is becoming intolerable. Everyone moves so quickly and anyone one slow is pushed aside or bumped into.

Few bother to apologize and many express irritation at having his way blocked.

There is hectic rush to get things done and run the next activity. There is a little time to rest.

Wanna run away from here?


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