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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I feel tremendously lucky when I dropped into a deep hole. That is many mans pull me out. Thank you and thank you. No words can describe more.

On this “rojak post”, maybe you will ask why I post this. Maybe there is no reason in my mind. I just feel happy so many people dropped attendance in my chat box. It is the 1st time. Maybe I’m new, the words are a bit childish, but be patient, I will chase the time.

At last, today is my friend ZI YING birthday. She is a girl who lives in an ordinary life. She is the one who always HELP me in EXAMS. GOSH, I’m so poor minded. She almost lent me the whole paper, because she was bored that I always turn back to ask her when exams, TQ for you. Your cake may be delay. ^^


Jan said...

Aww! Freedom ain't so nice either. Lol. But cheer up! We go through our ups and downs in life and we'll always pull through.

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