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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

misery and follower

today is a hard day. I think SMK MENJALARA form5 students can’t enjoy the ending of add math papers. is tough job for me to get a A+ result. even a C- I also fail to get it.

procrastination is the thief of time. I believe this proverbs in my life. it can show how much that you and I wasting precious time.

I not a perfect human, perhaps I still can read time number in the clock. this exams failure has totally hurts me, i can’t believe i blank the answer column. is the 1st time for me. I’ll never blank it even I have no idea to do, misery fulfil my heart. after couples of hours of calming down myself, is another minute I stepping onto. ‘this is just a starting point’. everything end with a start. tell everybody here, be strive…….

for the followers, I think I should change the ads name, change to accompany. follow is such a word nerd. we use follow to our pet, not human as well as not blogger. we just accompany to each other to enjoy typing and sharing in this big network, like another galaxy……^^ I will try to change the word follower……………………….XD


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