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Monday, April 26, 2010

my life is busy...

Busying recently, couldn’t draw out some time to update. My brain is fulfilled with all chemistry element as well as physics law. The latest exam I done was very easy. Looking to the paper that passed from front, I could hardly guess what the questions are about.

Although I read through the whole reference book, I still not managed to answer the whole paper. Results that I got was all half from the hundred. OH NO. How can it be. Sigh, to let myself calmer. Nothing can do unless I give up. I will be strive t pursue the flawless result.

Some photo had uploaded. These are the happiness portray. Happy everyday!!!

forgotten to bring glass....XD

by my side is my school head prefect.ketua pengawas...i feel guilty to him...XD..

13march 2010....had fun with all good boys in school....

Monday, April 19, 2010

friend's ship

I have been a long time didn’t check my blog. Gosh….no one can remember here unless who are really follower…

I’m really lethargic for all the exams as well as tuition.

Many sadness coming to my side and I have no point where they from.

Friendship is really a big ship, who doesn’t, means they are living alone, without any company. But in this big ship, who will be the captain? Who will betray this ship? Or who will sacrifice to all the friends in this ship?

No one knows how to sail in the deepless sea. No one will ever cry for this ship. No one will tells jokes when other feel loneliness. Never let the helm changes it direction. I have to go and take control, sailing to another bigger land. I won’t let the ships broke like titanic. I will keep all my promises to you peeps. You jump, I jump.

Intimate friend couldn’t find. I have no choices but heading towards. I can’t let it be. Some injuries won’t recover. But I will be strived to enjoy every memories we will have next time. Keeping my finger crossed and hoping this day comes earlier.

I long to have friends.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

abusement in this world

Money is such as a combination of demon and angel. It gains something unpredictable as well as fickle. Alternately, without money, we can’t survive in this chaos society. But with too much money, we will find that we become cruel than previous days. We eat savory cuisine and those cuisines cost a lot. Those cuisines majority is shark-fin, piglet, red meat, mutton as well as some tame-animal. That is showing human is a demons of animal. By the way, it is not the worst.

human abuse animal

Throughout history, man has used his intelligent to make animals work for him. For an instance, the dogs, is valuable to man for its faithful nature, its agility and its keen sense of smell. The blind use them to lead them. Yet, man has found ways to abuse the poor creature. Owners may just leave their dogs by the roadside once they get tired of them. In some other countries, god meat is a delicacy. The most cruel part of this is that the meat is supposed to taste better if the dog is slowly tortured to death. It sounds crazy, but some articles have shown this reality to us.

You should asking WTF is this, but my ancestor, my great great grand father, who live in china, may have taste some dog meat, the one which tortured until died. This is told by my grandfather, he had seen this ghostly scene.

Anywhere, I saw many shops are now open for pets. Just like dog saloon, the fees of cutting dog hair or colouring, all these cost more than a human normal consumption. But is better than abusing animals.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Life little instruction

1st. keep secrets.

2nd.don’t postpone joy, have fun now.

3rd.show respect to teacher.

4th.keep a tight rein on your temper.

5th.stop blaming others.

6th.take responsibility for every area of your life.

7th.avoid sarcastic remark.

8th.make it a habit to do nice things for people who will never find out.

9th.never take action when you’re angry.

10th.plant a tree.

Just these 10 instructions, how many we have done or make as habit?

We gotta put some effort for ourselves for a better behavior and personality.

Start a bit since this moment. Never says too late.

I learnt these from a teacher. It’s quite nice to learn these. Some of these I have never ever think I’ll do, but I’m starting. At least plant a tree for the coming generation. If not, 2012 is not far from us.

The most stupid thing we always do is the blaming. Is Akon song affected? Adsorb, when something goes wrong, we seldom look at ourselves. We will point out other to cover our guilty. Action like that is so nerd. Why do we think twice, what’s wrong? The strongest human in world may choose this option: start taking action to overcome those obstacles. Do not blame others by not taking action to reveal the problem. Blame shows weakness.

Listen to one song. 2 is better than 1…….means do is better than want……….