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Sunday, August 8, 2010

a hard way to say goodbye

The cloudless sky made the star unseen. By typing words here, my heart was huffing and puffing. I tried to establish a new life. Yet, I failed. I was clueless about myself, trying my very best not to remember you. Tears started bursting out, pelting against my gaunt face. I couldn’t see any brightness as well as I was sinking into despair.

Sobbing miserably was the only way I can relieve my sadness and disappointment. I was in the blue. I tried to dull my inner scream. Yet, I failed. This was another cold night, another fortnight I failed to forget you. I was wondering why the night was cold while you were not by my side. You had warmed and melted me entirely. You had become the meaning of my life.

That day, the sun shined relentlessly, instilling a sense of ecstasy that made me feel ten story’s high. Showing my cheery countenance, it was a date, which I had longed every second since I knew you. Although I stay up over night, I couldn’t hide the excitement of dating with you. I continued peeping my watch. Man should be punctual. As I was waiting beside the bus stop we met the 1st time, I was flabbergasted.

I saw him put his big, hairy arm around you, and you sank into his chest. You had hurt me with an invisible knife. My heart was breaking when you boarded a bus with him. This immense cold and nameless fear engulfed me as I was stunned at the bus stop. Upheaval began! My 1st love story ended. In fact, I was dumped without a reason. Even I stood there throughout the sunny afternoon; no one could answer me why you are leaving me.

Absurd, the sky could feel me, I was upset. It drizzled. I was drenched from head to toes. There was an Azrael besides me; my mind was flooded with suicide note. Writing a suicide note was the last thing I wanted to do for her. While walking along, I saw a borderless path, it was endless. Before long, darkness sealed my sight. I could hardly feel a sharp pain on my back.

After having a medical care in general hospital, I would hardly type my words with mercilessly. Outside was a chaos, deceivers’ playground, stealing my heart and breaking it cruelly. I was trying to disguise my hate as love.

simply trying my words......and really feel the story

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Easy come easy go makes nothing precious

We do not cherish the things that come easily. We will abundant it with no mercy. Drat, what a bad behavior we have, simply wasting the things we have. Malaysians don’t know what the life Africans is having now. All of them are starving for food, yelling for help as well as succumbing beside the door of heaven. Absurd, we have too much food, overwhelmingly. And we are feeding half of the food to the flies. Sometimes, you will see a large fly drop into food. This is not because they are tired, they are telling us “why abalone, meat, fish again..”. They start feeling bored what we are eating.

It is a slurs for us, simply insulting us. When I saw a kid refusing to eat, I was deeply clueless what was happening. Why some kids are starving, why some kids are in the state of obesity? Our country doesn’t seem poor. We have aware we are lucky in this world. We have all sort of food here. Some blogger are introducing massive choices of sumptuous cuisine. But keep in heart, eat with appreciation. Do not globs deliberately, eat in the volume our body needs, not over feeding ourselves.

We have our food easily, so we waste it. This is the young’s trend. Parents have made a good living for us, remember says thank you. I am wondering why god separate human into different lifestyle, different fortune and everything different.

Affluent helps the less fortunate. Start thinking this way. What you have today is just an asset; it doesn’t follow you every day. Everything will lose when you die, nothing on you (B.O.B). Then help those who are in need. ^^