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Friday, January 1, 2010

Reviewing my past...2009

Reviewing my past

In this year, I had tried many things new, many 1st time for me, including my own blog. For your information, I just starting freak my skills in here, maybe they’re many mistakes, please notice.

I few that human must step forward, don’t remain same or always reviewing the past, afraid to walk further. If don’t do the things you feel right, worthiness, must try or even helping, you should go ahead. Everyone deserve a chance to do, no one could stop. But do realize don’t do silly matter.

January of 2009

In this Chinese new year, I didn’t bank in my angpao money. I go to Genting Highland with Foo and Ginny. Go there, I had tried space shot. Damn, I had a shock up there, my two girl friends laughing at all. They didn’t show fearless on their face and laughing at me when we finally reach the land. Although I hang on so high, I can’t felt a piece of peace in my mind and there is no heaven up there, when I landed I just feel safe. That day was drizzling, one piece of shirt couldn’t cover my soul, my soul was trembling, body muscle had frozen. That day is so memorable, next Chinese new year we plan to go again.

February 2009

It seems like February I didn’t do anything sumptuous, a boring lifestyle. This month is deplores. The new study schedule was so difficult, fed up. Maybe I have easy year in form 3, had forgotten now is form 4 and in a blinking eyes, is now form 5, a stress year I heard from my elder friend.

March 2009

The 1st exam in 2009, my boundless passion in study cause me fail in my chemistry paper and others subject was luckily pass, I was reluctant to acknowledge my exam was coming and didn’t put effort on study, regretting now, a red D is written in my report card, an initial blot in there, unable to erase..

April 2009

A bad news come to my eyes, my beloved additional math teacher was going to retire. A bad news and I thought my add math will company chemistry paper fail together, but now it doesn’t happened. My life was same as a robot, programmed, done things effectually, no mistake. And this month I was searching tuition everywhere, asked the rates and teacher competence. April, had many album come to town, I also didn’t leave this chance to shopping. The English tuition going as usual, it was bored, all I had learnt the guy sent me to ‘baby class’, pissed off. The idol of the tuition centre resigned, I heard. He is a foreigner with a shinny head. Miss him a lot, when he teach I doesn’t feel boring.

May 2009

Preparing another challenge. Starring my chemistry exercise, the periodic table, and the calendar, countdown. I looked gaunt that month, nightmare come to my mind. Besides that, the spot checked come, I was scared about my hair, was so hardly to pass through the checking. I was caught by discipline teacher, received a warning, god bless, he didn’t cut my hair, maybe there are many friends longer than me, I’m not the worst.

June 2009

A new friend comes to my world, I started establish relation with her. Finding about her stuff, chatting together and walk together. The retirement ceremony was held for my add math teacher, she

had serve my school since 1995, a long year and gave all the best to my school. Many student performed for her in the ceremony, included me. My friend shed tears beside the path back the stage, is Foo and Chloe. I offered my sympathy to them but rejected and scolded by Foo. She always act like The HULK, dangerous human. This was another exam month, I was devastated. Hoping my result can change.

July 2009

Sooner or later, I’ll know my result. Gosh, another initial D, in red. My chemist

ry, that moment, I greatly desired to have a tuition lifestyle to help me. I found one, the name still nice, call Bedford, don’t know what city is that. When I stepped into, I was flabbergasted. A pretty girl was sitting beside the counter, I was fascinated by it. I have visited many tuition centre, most of the clerk are going to retire or boy who doesn’t suited nicely, but here has an exception. Computer was also prepared for me, luckily they still have places for me for a trial class. My 1st class teacher call Monster, hairstyle same as what we call him, teacher Mons. Without any delay, I quickly sign up. I take 5 subject, cost me a lot. And start my tuition lifestyle, robot life.

August 2009

08/08/2009, a trip to many place, but I enjoy the time with my friend, it such a sweet time for me. Just saw my friend left a comment in facebook ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’. Maybe it was right, I always feel curious about friend, their lifestyle, I act like a maniac, melancholia. That I didn’t use much money and that day has a hot ball hang on sky, lack of tissue, my sweat can help 1 fish survive.

from high...

22/08/2009, another trip to National Science lab, played there instead of science expedition. I heard many earful, the food there was unsavory, and I heard someone feel bad after eating, disgusting. After stadium Science, we continued our trip to KLCC sky bridge, we all very excited and it was raining. On the bridge, I saw KL, from a high tower, I hope next time will be on helicopter, can look more, I’m so greedy. We had our 1st time that day that I believe no one been up there. After sky bridge, we went to play with fish. There was filled by human, no fish can breathe even me. By far, I still remember the red starfish I touched. It was engaged w

ith fear when I touched it. Before that I was afraid that starfish will suck my blood, like Ed

ward Cullen, but my braveness led me there and met little star. There has many species of fish, have cute, ugly, huge, colorful and even fierce, actually they’re shark

i have no choice to post photo.....the foo had deleted by the reason she looked ugly tat day...haiz

September 2009

Unforgettable memory in Desa Park City, my best friend celebrated birthday for me. I was tremendously happy, because it was the 1st time. In the past, I was just receiving present, this year was different. We have Japanese food, American breakfast and new Zealand ice-cream. An international celebration for me. In this opportunity, I would like to appreciate all this and thank you to my friend. This was also an exam month. Hurray, I had the 1st time passed in my chemistry paper. ‘Happy tuition time’ cheering myself. All the e

ffort didn’t wasted and money too.

October 2009

Victory comes to me. I won a champion in the modal competition, the theme was patriotism and it was held every year. When my class monitor invite me to do this modal job, my heart was touched. Thank you her gave me this opportunity and thank you my friend support. They create a nice custom

for me. Although I decide to add fabric in last minute, they didn’t give me earful and finished in couple of hour. I admired them. My partner, she is a nice girl and very pretty. We felt strange to each other before start. But we tried to know more to archive the champion. We discussed the step but at last I had walk faster than she, totally out of the plan. In our conversation, I get to know she is a avid Buddhism and she is going to present a traditional dance in her Buddha society. For more, she had been this patriotic modal since form 2

, she always is the 1st choice. But she told me she didn’t won a prize, incredulous, and rehearsed saying we difficult to win, lack of confidence. I consoled her and tell her I belief to win this competition. The god hear my praying, god bless.

CHAMPION...my partner felt happy adi...haha...XD

I won this competition, I’ champion. Both of us was so jubilant delight when we heard our name was publicized. Before it, we had some mistake of the ranking, we were on second runner up. That moment I have a bit disappointed that why I couldn’t win. Everything was over, I was on the top notch in that stage, with my partner and the helpers, not those fortune teller, always bad words cursing me loose. Thank you to all.

team which help to gain victory

November 2009

Last exam, hope the result shown in next year will better than last time. Holiday started, a nice month without tuition, no need to rush after school. This month gave me a pretty surprise that I was expecting all the time. I was blush that day when I saw her and was tongue-tied.


I had a Sunway Lagoon trip. It was another memorable day for me. We play very hard, until feel bored, the roller coaster seat storing our sweat and warmness as well as saliva. We scream as load as we could, long time can’t talk loudly, we discharged our stress through screaming and fearless on high speed moving. That day I met a girl, feel happy. Besides that, we was also warned by a guard, warned us don’t even take a ri

de on the motor again, we were mad about it, we had paid. Another happiness come to my heart, I took a canoe ride with Yoke Fei. Damn happy. We went to surround the lake although we felt cold and hot. The lake was very big. We used up all the energy and diligently to move the canoe, it was hard. We also plucked the lotus flower, I presented to her. When reached the shore, the worker told me need to pay for the flower. We was flabbergasted, it cost RM5, scary. Because we didn’t hold any money when play. At last we just knew he was cheating us, bad guy. I still feel happy for being there that day. Thank you.


December 2009

My new church life starting, I‘ll continue. This month nothing needs to describe except I built my own Leaf-ING room. Living room always makes family comfortable, happiness, stress-less and warmth. If a house without living room, it just act like a toilet or bedroom. Another meaning of it is I still a life. A leaf provides oxygen for us to survive and help us to reduce carbon dioxide. A fluttered leaf doesn’t provide our needs. So, I put ING beside, mean still on a tree branch, alive. Hope we survive can enjoy our breathing and feel comfortable.


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