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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

being a superman..

before being a super....

A day in past, my Chinese teacher ask me to write an essay namely, another new Jeffrey. It seems very easy, I can write in half an hour. But alas, I had looked further deeper of myself. It has a cue room that’s hide a deceiver, another liar Jeffrey. I afraid to face the reality of world, I may like to stay in a monotony life, do not stray from the original.

In my essay, I described strongly that me is a superman. I’m not trashiness of this world. I can’t let a tear drop from my eye. I don’t blame anyone that I fail in my life. I’ll never and ever give up in my life, want to be strongest human, so-called a successful person.

I’m applauding myself have an own web, myself be a 1st time champion, and have a gang of friend that’s help me a lot in this study, friendship lifestyle.

More and more, I wrote there the rule of time. Time is created for human to follow, not the time follow human. This is the God creation, human can’t disobey. I’m not an exception,

I case the time, even a second, my brain is still turning, the images showing like a timeless film, my physical will move every moment when colorless movement pass through, my mind is on even when I sleep, believing tomorrow won’t be a nightmare, cheering myself I’ll be my

best before dreams come, emulated myself as a superman, read my bible hoping the God giving me some tips for tomorrow, at last, I pray earnestly, release my misery heart, escape from stress and be meteoric, even metro just comes for few minutes or seconds.

I revamp my shortcomings, for my morality, telling myself, I’ll be a nice guy.

I gulp up all the books and exercise, for my future, telling myself, I’ll success.

I please my mommy, for more loves and money, telling myself, I can return it.

I nonchalant some advises and earful that hurt me, telling myself, I can ignore it.

I act a hardworking student, for revel my 21-year old life, telling myself, I’ll reach it.

I believe the sky is unlimited, for my life, telling myself, I’ll contribute my name in sky.

I engage every activity from my friend, for knowing more friends, telling myself, I’ll have a nice girlfriend.

I engrossed in front of my computer, for typing my blog, telling myself, I’ll show off my precious in future.

I walk diligently in this pathless road, for my family and my life, telling myself, I’ll give them a blissful world.

I catch people attention, for my self-esteem, telling myself, I’m the strongest.

i can do it!!


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