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Thursday, January 14, 2010

let me feel like shit!

The stresses and rules have overcome my soul.

Everything human may want it in perfect, high profits. Is it we need to achieve the perfect all the times, is sad to say that. We have controlled by the ‘stress demons’.

Rules, everything in this have their own rules, the GOD also not an exception. We need to follow the rules, although the situation is in chaos. Do human create the rules? What genre of rules you usually keep? We can make the rule easier and we can have a longer life.

Today, I broke my own superman rule. I was so sad that when I stepped into my leaving room, another attack of stress come to me in a lighting speed. It didn’t tell you ‘I’m going to hurt you, be careful’. There no such words in this high-frequency war. We may be die in just a blinking of eyes, either than a sand goes in to eyes. Without the signal, I scolded by my mom. And does she really know what situation is that? Does she need to use the rules to pull me down from happiness? Without any others word, I was hurt. No anymore word in dictionary can describe me, extremity.

One yell from my back, scared my soul and I definitely lost. I can find a hole to hide myself; it was too embarrassing to face or to show my face. My brain had congested. My eyes had blushed. My hand was covering my face. I have a long time doesn’t dropped into this endless hole.

Maybe I had acted too long in this muddy earth. Although I’m not an actor like Tom Hanks or Morgan Freeman, but to survive, do I have choices? There is much of stress coming in a times, smoldering behind you and me.

Today couldn’t type any happy words to comfort myself, just the only way in this moment, face the reality even how relentlessly is that, only talking to god and encourage my soul to do it better next time. My intention is just want to have a blissful lifestyle, revel my life, stop telling me the how cruel in this world. I can’t gulp up all these.


Charlene said...

the opposite of stress is relax and oppsite of sad is happy...y not think somethin positive???

ghost said...

Stress acts as a springboard to propel us to greater heights in achievement.However , it will causing painfulness when you are nt fully aware that you are too feckless to manage yourself.Everything has is pros and cons so as stress...if u can manage it ,u already graduated from University of Hardknock~BEAR IN MIND

ghost said...

You really type this out?Its so suprising ...it shows that you have room of improvement..Keep up with your good job

jeffrey said...

tq for these comment....i really appreciate

kRaZy said...

Chill..dun so stress. I would suggest find a good way to release ur stress =)

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