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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

come through here and shout it loud.....

some one stray me out to the dumb.....damn

not a lucky day for me, suffocating, headache and much more bad matters happened on me.

for this shortly update, no point to let the pedestrian pass through here and get bull shit. so i decided to do this once in year 2010. maybe is a silly decision for me, but perhaps it help me to put out words to here... not an empty space with no living lifestyle, as well as breathing.

in all those words down there, my friend said i have totally change to another guy, is it reality to me? i cant accept, my friend is always precious for me. thus i praise my friend here is the previous post. but, some of them complained the photo too ugly, some said why no me?( paiseh....i'll do it for you, friend...^^) do i really like an teacher sending knowledge to you? tell me the truth.......i will appreciate......

to keep it short, the photo 2day had cut, and the stress i bear had thrown and the happiness finally appear in the blinking of eyes. TQ...^^


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