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Sunday, January 17, 2010

blogger smile happily


Few days didn’t update here. Maybe it will cost some customer feel bored and go another blog shop. So before my blog spot suicide, I would like to give a life kiss to here or give an internet Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), look whether how much percent can I save, maybe is impossible, because I have many friends smile here, it brings happiness and luckiness. Those are worthless as well as invisible, I really appreciate.

Study in Chinese class, bible class, they teach me about appreciate, no matter how less is it, don’t cool those avid ‘crown’, let rock this cruel world with our smiling face, bring all happiness to the pedestrians, neighbors, seller, waiter, families and the most important –friends.

‘Do you know me?’ I think twice about this question, a part of my mind shows important, another part shows who minds. Maybe we can discover both. I establish warmness, spirits, and a heart of care, to this leaf-ING room. May I ask for your co-operation to smile frequently, warmly, happily except peevish, despicable and cruelness.

According to a ## professor said, smile everyday can destroy the Azrael, bring the world to a stress less ambit. We may need fervor frenzy to protest the concept of smile, is not overdraw, but is a vantage point to color this muddy earth. Not too bad, I may start this jobs J, instead of waiting those bad behavior human to gaze me back.

By the way, one issue need to drag into here, that is not smiling to the bad guys, protect ourselves to get another wave of hurting, relentlessly.

CRY out loud when we feel sad,

LAUGH out loud when we happy,

SHOUT out loud when we feel stress,

revel our life before the day end,

we won’t know what will happen next, and cherish the moment that we still breathing out, GOD bless.


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