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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Suffering in exam totally killing me.

for my short update.

Suffering in exam totally killing me.

I’m taking history tomorrow, I think no one blogger loves history. Especially asia tenggara. Unfortunately, every one of us must take, no choice. Maybe I love English history rather than taking this Malay teaching history. Some words of malay is bored utill you feel bored to look at. In higher education, everything is teaching in English, why public schools don’t give a chance to chance this syllabus?

But according to Malaysia style, you must have black and white, after that u need to put a stamp, and then post it to some place for them to follow, by the way you should hand in your black and white before you go, or money also acceptable, after sending, “nodiah, mana ini dating?” “saya pun tak tahu.” For my words “ jangan buat tak tau la, tak tao bahasa Malaysia ke??? This is the final as well as only answer that I could guess. MALYSIA can!!?? Yes, I believe in turning of my mind, dreaming time come, now this is my historical post.

TQ blogger for coming here watching me bluffing,.

Keep my finger crosses, 2moro my history don’t fail………~~


KaorU IchibaNa said...

keep ur head straight for the examsXD

btw,got ur ads on LG
do hit me back soon xp

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