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Sunday, January 3, 2010

School starts

Schools start again....is it the auspice of bad dreams? Students who take SPM or PMR are facing another stage of life. A part of students may be afraid of coming exams ; another part of students may be enjoying their life in front of them.

which side of students are we in? the hardworking? the lazy bump? or half half?

be the hardworking, we're dazzling our future..

be the lazy bump, we're darkening our future..

be the half half, we're fainting our future..

i have saw an example who do half half..they're suffering on their job
without any thinking, those lazy bump..are machine..can't have rest in their life..suffering in their life..couldn't have enough money to buy new cloths, consult doctor, give kids a nice lifestyle, and couldn't have a blissful family..........T_T


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