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Thursday, January 7, 2010

i hate betrayer

I hate people dragging out my friends shortcomings, especially in front of many people. I will smack your face without any question or apologize, and I’ll boycott you, as well as every girl hate you. Even you go church every day, but you can’t get any blessedness from the God. Insulting my friend the last way you will unable to turn back the bright way.

An uncertain behavior today for me, I hate it. I meet another crazy side, bluffing myself to comfort my heart, chuckling around beside my friends.

I feel that smiling or laughing loudly can influence people around you, we can engage with much of fun and love in a small area, or sprawling happiness to wider places.

Keep my friend happy, make them feel comfort beside me, console in a soothing tune to them, having fun together, eating together and even hate a people together. It gain the world most worthless happiness between friends, I love it.

I’ll never be shy for being the 1st shepherd, I just want you to be happy. Maybe I have many experiences of girls cry in the phone call, shed tears front of me, comes out from toilet with pairs of watery eyes and shout loud for releasing the stress. I had been stranded on these.

A wide circle of friend is what we desire to have. Not that kind of human that will desert us or blame us.

Don’t ever offer your sympathy to me, I won’t suck it into my heart, may cause me heart-attacked more than 24 hours, die in a different way, ‘ heart over pumping disease’.

To some one that who don’t cherish friendship beside you, you will regret till can’t die properly, ‘eyes couldn’t close’.

To my friends, in this world may have an unfortunate of friendship, is that we lose old friend while we on the journey of life. I’ll keep every present that you all give me, your heart also not an exception, love you all, keeping your phone number and birthday every moment until you meet me in heaven.

Pray hard to address my heart to you.


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