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Monday, January 11, 2010


Is it the half science class is more stupid in study? Or change another sight, the pure science class is the cleverest in school? Or our school teachers love the students which brain full of science formulae, pride oneself in study and always shame the back class students?

That is much reality shown in front of me. Just fail to describe here. Not for all the students in the 1st class, a part of them is just nerd for others students. Not much can mention, my words can’t change that fact. In fact, who knows and who did, this is the time to stop it.

Maybe this is the culture of school. Some teachers just use their funny eyes to look which are poor. Who poor means they’re going to suck themselves into the hole, a bloody hole dug by teachers.

Some teacher job is just finished their work in the simplest and fastest way. Driving Toyota Alphard to school, I look longingly to it, it surrounded the whole school just looking for a car park. I asked, does she wanna show off in front on us? Driving one 300,0000 luxury MPV to school, seems to be to over. This is not the most. BMW, M5, the newest edition imported from Europe, number plate, 44. Another BMW driven by him, he is the fancy BMW in my school. Does a school teacher salary can afford such a nice car? Or is it Malay teacher can change new by claiming school funds? Why our school’s Chinese teacher just driving one old Saga, dull surface, heavy noise and high pollution to this earth.

Not fair….!!


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