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Saturday, January 9, 2010

loves won't die

What’s modus operandi can chase you and accompany you?

You look so far from my sight.

You look so strange for me.

You look like an usher inviting me goes to your heart.

You look like you have makes your own choice.

You look like miserable with him.

You look like you had tortured by your loneliness.

You look like you’re disguising your hate as love.

You look so pretty and prefect in my heart, indeed.

You’re the only one.

I won’t leave any chances to others only to catch your heart.

I promise I won’t let you feel lonely.

I won’t hurt you instead of entertain you every moment.

I promise I won’t forget the day we meet.

I’ll follow all rules you give me.

I’ll do every trivial thing for you.

I’ll accompany when u feel lonely.

I’ll offer my shoulder to you whe

n you cry.


Baby don’t worry, you are my only.

You won’t be lonely,

Even the sky is falling down,

You’ll be my only, no need to worry,

Baby are you down down down down,



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