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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Human trafficking

light on to care your children

Where is our humanity? It is we dropped when our mother push hard to born us? Is funny.
The kids have missing invisibly in HAITI. No one knows where the kids gone. The head line of past days newspaper shown that is some of the children missing. Some of the reporter says that kidnapped, some says die, and some says kidnapped. I believe kidnap. I had watch tans of movie shows how cruel is this world. One of the movies is human trafficking. They kidnap children and sell them to other country. Can you imagine when you live in a country with much of stranger, different language, different culture. You are not going there for fun. You ‘re going there to be a panhandler, a gaberlunzie. Some of those ‘company’ would blinded your eyes before sending you to raise fund. In the movie SLUMDOG MILLIONAIR, one scene is about the felon ask the kid to sing. The prix is can go to do show, the felons lie to the kids. Felons will only grab their eyes and force them to be a panhandler. Felons will think those blind can raise more money for them. This is just a small case we can see every where in this world.

How cruel is our human now a days. If woman trafficking, without any thinking, you and I will know where they are going. Being a tool for those carnality mans. Girls must be protected by a man, not being a tool to a man. Girls, protect yourself, your virginity, your heart and your soul.
Although the HAITI earthquake is passed tense, but it has many things we can learn from it. I feel so misery when I opened the photo of HAITI victims. It was so scary. Can’t describe in words, just an only way, use your heart to feel it. Maybe it brings much for you to know we are lucky to born here and we’re here doing nothing, is a curse from god. Maybe some of us don’t have the ability to help, but we can pray. Keeping our finger cross pray that the souls will find the final destination where they want to go. Is not difficult. Although we have different GOD in our heart, but no one mind. Pray earnestly and find some words that to praise those who fly to HAITI to save and help.

Too many things human can’t predict. Maybe I will die suddenly in front of computer. The ceiling on my head fall down out of the blue. Is too much that goes uncountable. Misery goes to my mind, some of my friend didn’t know what happen in this world, continue revel without purpose. Maybe I have no point advising them. It need another human to call out the keys in our brain. Without key, we can’t do anything intelligently .

Before end, is not too late to pray for the victims in HAITI. I post this late better than don’t tell you this reality happened.


Aj said...

yerp beware... lots of it..including in Malaysia also.


Lemon said...

It is kind of sad to read this. But this is so true.

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