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Monday, March 29, 2010

let love down......

It comes to speechless when I tell my feeling to her. I’m just like a pseudo-lover in front of her. Even a popular card and a T-shirt, I also can’t leave it. The memories have been etched. The mails have never been deleted. The shirt I keep has become a precious to me.

It’s complicated between us. We‘re living in different background different friends circle. It’s speechless again, remember when u look at me and smile, I know u look for me one. But this time I have to let love down. U have been let me down. Again, remember when, u put our heart on me, but couldn’t play on time. We couldn’t greet. Love finally away, I don’t have to remind you, you know I’ll be around. Let us down. Let love goes.

Looking my friends one by one defeated on love war. Listening to all love songs won’t fulfill the happiness. I wish you will here. I wish you stop sobbing. I wish a better life we can ever have.

love fall on water finally disappear in a twinkling of eye
.....let love down.....

Helping my friend to overcomes problem but it’s too hard to keep so much secret……..~

Friday, March 26, 2010

i love that moment

Finally, I found your shadow.

Absurd, I was stunned at that moment.

At last, I found your status in internet.

But alas, I was afraid to leave a comment on it.

When your words is like a maze, my feeling bound me in bizarre.

I feel many in that moment when I saw the words. It was incredulous. I was just imagining who the guy is. It seems stupid to me. We are impossible in everything. Even a short conversation we can have. Everything I feel so lucky…..

It came too fast and flew too soon. I can’t catch your step. It is endless………

The 1st question I may want to ask is how are you recently?

2nd question, did you do your job well?

3rd question, did you get hurt on your last outing?

4th question, why u leave so early on that day?

5th question, am I disturbing you?

6th question, what are you thinking now?

7th question, can you tell me a story?






I am just an extra ordinary thing appeared at the most unwanted moment. And this most wasting moment, u appeared unintentionally. It was an unpredicted scene. It has been etched in my memory, as well as I just reviewing that happiness in a small capacity silently.

Monday, March 22, 2010

naming of my link title

Trying to link other blog side to my leaf-ING room, who wants to leave a link here, I’ll extremely appreciate.

Before the link open to public, I must name a title, nothing will more important if the title can’t catch people eyes on it. Thus, it seems to be a bit hard. Anywhere, I read some comment recently. They ask me to open a link side.

Maybe I’m too free that time, even lazy to update. Alas, the laziness has swallows me up. I’m too lazy to type so many times in the address box to read others blog. In fact, I have put my intention to open a link side….

And lastly, please give me some words to name the title. It's quite important to put my favorite side on it

Maybe the link will open in this weekend, because I’m suffering in exams, damn suffocating…..laugh out here b4 I dizzy in class…..XD

Thursday, March 18, 2010

alone or popular

Home alone.

Walk alone.

Eat alone.

Dream alone.

Talk alone.

I have been deserted from my soul. It’s a stupid nonsense bluffing myself here.

Maybe I’m trying the life like living in desert. It’s damn bored.

No one in home prepare dinner for you.

No one help you to wash cloths.

No one help you to refill water kettle.

And no one ask how are you.

If a normal human being, he will die very soon. But alas, I’m an exception, I still alive in Malaysia KL desert. Anyone who rendered me a helping hand, help me escape from here, escape from this monotony life.

I’m missing her? Can she feel it?

Someone told me can: some tell me relentlessly, are you using TM-net to connect her heart? I was blush.

In school, there are many rumors around. I don’t know now days, why rumors can spread so fast, just like the tornado moving in a high speed and destroy everything. The rumor has destroyed my perfect repute. I become a playboy at last. This playboy title I can’t handle it, it is like a timer-bomb. It may cause others girl to stray away from me; boy hate introduce girl to me.

Within a day, I will be well-known to everyone.

Within a month, I will be insulated by girls.

Within a month, I will be hated by everyone.

Every moment, I am thinking how to rescue my name, Jeffrey.

This is what happening among my life. In school, tuition centre and even church, I will the target of pursuer scandal. How can I oblivious these rumors. Thus, I must prove to everyone, I’m the one who loyal to girlfriend, I’m the one who don’t complain to girl, I’m the one who put her the most lovely precious.

If the rumors continue, how can I reduce???

Saturday, March 13, 2010


A perfect outing

I went to the education fair 2day..

But the main point we go there is just revel before the exams comes.

And finally saw the competition among us is so cruel. We gonna fight to each other to have a better life in this time.

Although the college prepare all the scholarship, it’s very difficult to get.

Let me start to fight against the scholarship, I must get it.

Long time can’t update here, I’m freaky busy. Damn

But,,,,,,,,,,something happen this few days.

Is too hard and I must let she stop sobbing. Why so difficult. I still need more time to know girl…haiz