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Sunday, February 28, 2010

damn day....


What happen to my stomach~~


I have been stomach ache for this few days….

Now still happening on me…..


Can’t stand long and some more tomorrow have competition…..

Need to pray hard tonight ….. to wish a better tomorrow.~~~

This is not the only thing I busy, my oral test is coming also…..

This time, I have not much confidence to achieve my goal.

This time, I’m afraid of this teacher.

This time, I wanna “kill” this teacher with my words~~

This time, I’m serious, but it can’t stand long, gosh!

This is my last oral test and maybe it’ll affect my future career. I take this with 3 girls and I’m the only boy. The script was written by me. But alas, my dialog is just a few, as well as it’s just answering my friend question. I’m really sad about this. If the teacher don’t satisfy for this, I gonna killed soon. Hope everything will proceed in a smooth and safest way.

In here, I may thank for the comment you guys give me comments. It really give me such a energy to continue to face challenge…^^


kenwooi said...

all the best =)


Nikel Khor said...

dun feel depress

from Nikel Khor

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