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Saturday, February 20, 2010

the 50th post

The 50th post from me.

I was incredulous to believe I have written so many things in this leaf-ING room.

The purpose I built here is to bluffing all around and describe things happen on me.

Others blog maybe celebrate anniversary for year, but I celebrate my post age. Reviewing to those old posts, it was such a sweet memories to me.

Applauding myself here for my diligence to continue posting my words to this leaf-ING room.

Nothing more to write, but a earnestly appreciation from me to you. Thank you those who had come to read my blog or leave comment. Thank you very much.

haha....like idiot talking to itself....but it never fail to catch your attention.


jfook said...

Happpy 50th post!!

kenwooi said...

keep it up =)


Jan said...

Lol! I used to celebrate the anniversary of my previous blog. It should be 5 years old in september if I continued writing there.

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