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Friday, February 5, 2010

our schools

Valentine’s Day is coming. Damn, so many people ask me how I celebrate. I chuckle and leave this question away. 14-2-2010, this day is the 1st day of Chinese New Year. Gosh, how to celebrate both together. I still a teenager, no choices for me.

Valentine’s Day, is a sweetest day for couples, pursuer as well as girls who receive gifts from boys. Every year, my school sells so many valentines’ present and flower. In fact, the price is high and the teachers will ask many questions. The funniest things are the rules. The rules tell us not to have relationship or couples in school. And more, we can’t hold another’s hand as well as standing together in a silent place. Gosh, what’s the purpose the government build these rules. The schools sell valentine gifts. This brings out a fact, in schools, there are many teenagers fall in love and the rules said cannot. Besides that, some parents are not allowing their children to have a relationship with a girl or boy. Then why school still selling the presents and roses???

Seems like joke in front of me. Maybe some reason makes me think this bad way. This year, my school sells bear again. It looks very cute, but not cheap. Unfortunately, I do not have a girl to present. Hopelessly, this may continue happen in my war year.

To my friends who are falling in love, do not give up with the true love, and do not lie to him or her, cherish the time together. It may look easy but when you do it, it maybe a challenge.

A next chapter of love will be post…….XD

To those who are fighting in love, don’t give up. She may be touched by you.


Kaito said...

yeah agree with you...most people don't agree to have reationship during study...but why still selling all the flowers?

kenwooi said...

to me.. valentine's day is like any normal day.. =P


: : - LoLLy - : : said...

hi hi, nice to meet you here, thanks for visited my blog. I don't know why, I cannot write my attendance to your cbox.

Btw, osim + xpax clicked. :D

Good night. :D

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