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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

loving you

some times feelings can’t describe by words. maybe is lack of confidence to say or afraid to face the HE/SHE.

this few days, I saw many of my friend is bound in a trouble of love. some of them are thinking what to buy for the girls. some of them are thinking some phrases to signalled their feelings. some of them even worst, they think how to break with the girl, in this valentine’s day.

for me, my definition of love is quite easy. but is difficult to find one. maybe I’m too tall until can’t see a proper girl in front of me. I feel bored in those short-moment loves. it ends in a twinkling of an eye. and I had it few times. maybe this is the trend among this youngsters age. we listen many loves song, watch many love movie, but we have misunderstood this most important fact of love. I can’t stray it out here, because in everyone eyes is different.

my 1st post in this blog is about she. she is ideal as well as flawless. HEY, am I looking that bad? many friends ask me who is she. I just had one moment with she. she ain’t nothing to me. she may just a pedestrian in my definition of love story.

valentine’s gift? I had bought many to girl and receive quite lot. but is not that happy now…..

I am still waiting.

Love is a big illusion.

Ordinary life is better for me.

Virgin has to protect until my wife come.

Extra relationship will just pull me to a deep hole.

Y are you still loving her?

Or she aim too much to you?

U won’t know until you try.

look longingly to you.

u are so beautiful and tall as well as have a kind-hearted.

please give me a chance.

yarning here waiting to meet again.

E-mail-ing to you.

Extremely sad you blocking me…………

I write more but is enough for this moment.


kenwooi said...

hmm.. things happen for a reason, especially in love.. all the best to you =)


: : - LoLLy - : : said...

hi hi thanks for visited my blog.

good night :D

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