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Friday, March 5, 2010

a heavy minded

A darker skin I have, a heavier responsibility I have.

Many people work under a hot sun. Do they really wanna this kind of lifestyle? It’s difficult to stay so long under sun especially Malaysia.

I have tried this in this few days. I have joined the school team to play. Training everyday is normal. But when u start standing on the field, the responsibility to win will become heavier and the intention is to defeat the enemy and gain victory. But I finally fail to gain. I had presented them the victory. Maybe is a difficult war or I was not giving my best to help my team win.

Under the hot sun, I sacrificed my skin, it have become charcoal. Such a bad decision I have chosen, but I’ll never regret the trek I choose. Although the games lost, consulting myself it will be better tomorrow.

Why darker skin has a heavier responsibility? It’s not about the dark skin human, is about the people who work under hot sun.

Haha, I have been a dark skin player, I played for my team, score for my team. But alas it lost. When u stand on the field longer, your skin will become darker and the time u play will longer. Then, your responsibility to win is heavier.

I’m not a good guy. I’m a human who like to be deserved by victory. A man who looks victory is a big deal.

In these games I played, I feel a lot. I have find out the important factor is not to win but is to enjoy the process of playing. Sounds difficult, because is my mind telling me always win, do not ever lose, and this cause me fail to gain victory.

When someone hope hardly, the sadness will comes nearer.

When someone greatly desire, the disappointment will comes nearer.

When someone enjoy the process, the coziness will never leave.


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