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Thursday, February 25, 2010

school team

Training to be the best is difficult.

Is time to update here, leaf-ING room. Although I was exhausted, but long time didn’t post, I’ll feel not comfortable.

This year, the 1st challenge I take is to join school basketball team. The trek to be a player is so hard. I’m the guy who always thinks nothing can take me down. But this time is different; I maybe fail to show off myself. I found that I can’t be superb in basketball. Training all the day under Malaysia sun, is very unlucky. The sun is too warm in Malaysia. Until my skin got too much of vitamin D, become damn dark and my eyes almost blind. When the coach scolded me, I can’t face to him. It shows I’m so rubbish, that until can’t face him.

All of this is just a beginning, the show never end until I can’t challenge more. But at all, be a school team player, I’ll do all my best to feed back my last government school, the last secondary school year….


kenwooi said...

all the best =)


Supia said...

Gambateh to you too... My ex is a state basketball player so i understand how dying training can be. He always say that basketball is not about standing up among others player or showing off. Its about how well can you all work together as a team. Its a TEAM event. Treat every scolding as a power to push yourself to the maximum. All the best!

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