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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a worst date

Watching latest girlfriend going out with a shorter guy, I seem to be a little bit jealous to them. Unbelievable, the boy is shorter than my latest GF. The words come from the boy was fulfill with all the brickbats, thorns as well as much of F**K words. Damn it, I was thinking that, am I really that bad to go out with?

Before this funny scene began, I was expecting to go out with two girls, with lots of fun. But alas, I couldn’t hide my angriness. What I expected before this outing was a simple eating fair. But why at last, I was going with a girl that made me feel bored all the time and made me feel so lonely in the big mall.

Taking the monorail to Time square, my wallet was full of money to bring them to have a nice food out there. The 1st station was a concept shop in Sungei Wang, it was T-bowl. It is a close stool restaurant. It is decorated like we’re eating in toilet. But I’m starting to feel vomit when I read the menu. The name was so bad tasting. When my dish came, I can’t imagine how weird is that feel. Just like clinging beside the toilet bowl, eating those shit that made by me. Unsavory taste assaulted my tasting gestation, my tasting bulb and it brought me to shit place, vomit in the hell.

After this amazing shit comes from t-bowl, I had felt tremendously boring to them. What they chatting was like ear by month, all secret. What the hell was that? I started feel regret to come here. On the way back to TS, the sleepiness came to me. I started to showing out my bored to them.

Before all these jealous thing started, I though we’re just 3 in a group. My latest GF stared to looking around for a boy, it’s her newest toy. I really couldn’t saw the guy when they met. After all the damn boring stuff having from me and the lonely girl, I finally saw the short guy.

I’m such a nerd for her. From their back, I and the girl can saw the guy was merely
shorter than my latest GF.

All these comes from my sight, I was too bad to stray them out to compare with me. Maybe I was terribly infected the sickness of jealous. Asking myself, why my latest GF still accepting my invitation that day. It was the 1st date for them, why she asking me out to see them flirting to each other in front of me.

Before the end of the dizzy hell trip, I feel deeply sorry to them for my brickbats. It almost spoiled my image, pissed.
broken hearted


kenwooi said...

go out with some guys next time =)


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