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Friday, February 12, 2010

before CNY comes

CNY, a new year is coming. fireworks everywhere around you and me. let us revel this special days in calendar.

who is going back to hometown. maybe is will be heavy traffic jam. besides that, the PLUS will earn a lot from us. why government still says they are poor?

I saw many of my friends have given their heart to a girl. in this couple of day, my friend had present self-made cookies and bear. some girl have accepted some haven’t give any response. let me wait the answer, look what kind of present will catch the girls heart, love.

love is such a illusion. many things can imagine through our astronomical minded. we are talented to imagine many things. in thousand B. C before, many human think that is many impossible to be in this world. like god create a pair of couple, eve and adam, they don’t think that is tomorrow, and don’t ever know what is call sleeping. but they had woke up.

there is more and more unbelievable things might happen in the future. future is created by ourselves. nightmare is also not an exception. after we done something guilty, it will happen.

in this CNY, another new year is coming, more hope is waiting for us, lets us build a better future for next generation.

in this valentines day, stop saying I can’t pursue a girl, because of my physical problem. it is not an excuses.

to those who are loving, cherish the time both of you together.

to those who are sad to be rejected, find another, there are more girls in this beautiful world.

to those who are scare to take her phone number, go find a hole to hide, because this is not man behaviour.

to me, I will continue living in my way. fight for my live in this cruel world.



thomas said...

Happy CNY & Valentine, enjoy your hunt, Hah! hah!

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