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Monday, December 14, 2009

Vincent Cheang Min Shin

He is the one who was always bully by friend when primary school. Perhaps he meet me, had pulled out from violent. XD

He is an avid online game player, is difficult to draw him out of games. When he took part in Sin Chew Xue Ji last year, he changes a bit. I think he is busy being a part of the big family. That place had become his second home. He finds lots of fun, friends and the important one- knowledge. I’ll always be his back supporting him, gambateh.

He is the only one who always board bus with me. Have sumptuous dinner and supper together umpteen time. And I found that he is such a DBKL. He will help you to clear all the dishes. Other than that, he can have two dinners in one night, incredulous to me. Apparently, he is very thin, unable to fat, compare with me, I’m just like a balloon, eat more size more…T_T… not fair~

Vincent, be an iron man. Make decisions yourself, don’t hesitate. Supporter is right here.


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