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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ginny yap sin yee

this photo has some problem..not like the original sin yee

We have a same ancestor in hundred years ago, I believe. We are YAP. You are the one I meet who is the most hardworking. She always busy on tuition, reading, and others art class. She is really a talented person in art. Besides drawing, she is also good in designing. My class has no way to fight against you in class decoration design, haha.

Sometimes, she is unpredictable and fickle. Do girls all the same?? Don’t always insisted yourself to the deep dump. It’s difficult to climb up. Studying is for some enjoy. Don’t ever shed tears on passed exam, make great effort will overcomes obstacles. Flawless victory will always by your side.

Novel, is her precious treasure. She is the fans of housewife writer, Twilight and Harry Potter. She has whole collection of the novels, an intense reader.
When you want to give me an earful, go a head. I’ll keep my finger cross hoping it wont makes me deplores. Hope you have a nice youth life, not suffocating in study.


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