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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Revege 01

Everyone had been insulted by people or may be subjected to serve verbal abuse. It is a big shame and slur to me. I extremely hate it. If have a law to stop this humanity criticizing, I’ll devote myself on it.

As the saying goes in Chinese,” good things can’t reject, bad things too”. We must have a prepared to accept something that we unexpected.

Story start:

Lighting streaked across the darkened overcast sky follow quickly by a sharp clap of roaring thunder. It was no longer waiting that he realized big storm was imminent. The wind picked up speed and hurled twigs and yellowed leaves onto the side of the classic Mercedes and into it. He ran as fast as he could find a shelter.

The rain wasn’t drizzle, it was fell as if the entire heavens had been thrown out. It was not pouring, it was gushing forth. He still couldn’t find a places, he had be drenched from head to toes.

The booms, crashes and flashes continued shocking his each time. His heart was pounding. Rats run panicky to back home, hardworking ants continue working, cricket packing its mike, bird in the nest warming its children soul…

“Hey, damn! Why no human staying here?” yelled by him, rendered helpless. As he walk and walk, a soft sound came from his back. Gathering all his courage, he swiftly turned around and there she was – a fat housewife, dressed in flora grown, stood next to a huge rain tree. Smiling kindly, she beckoned to me. Hesitantly, he walked towards her askance.

After arrived a small cabin, a cold wind slapped on his cheek. When he looked back, she disappeared. His heart continued pounding, his palms were perspiring and his leg felt like jelly as the housewife’s face kept circling in his mind. “Where am I? Is anybody home?” he asked rudely. Continue whispering. “Why she had gone?”

Bad dreams come in unpredictable.

Rain finally stopped. But he had fallen into a labyrinth. He couldn’t find the way out. Doors locked.

“Hahaha.” a load laughing voice, coming by a deep roar~ he was tightened by fear.

The peevish voice comes through his ears, and he was rooted on his spot, fear terrorizing his heart, tears couldn’t stop.

“You won’t have a great success in your career! You’re such a futile, inane to me. A trivial job also unable to finished. Don’t waste my money. It’s mine, not yours!” said by a nerd. Coming another helper. “You’re suck, nothing in your brain. Better donate it to bitch.” Said by a woman that doesn’t have eyebrows.

A big hand slapped, coming by a baseball rod, smack on his spinal. Painful can’t express. Just began prayed. Praying it was a bad dreams, heart was too traumatized to even cry for forgiveness. Because he had knew the rules of demons being. No fight back, no crying, no restrain, no one heard smacking sound…

Quietude finally settled in this cabin. Just left an useless and bloody guy. Couldn’t express any words, couldn’t stop tears from falling down. A desperate future for him. Lost some function of body. Even rice also can chew. Burying himself into a damn hole.

Story will be continue …

All too soon, couldn’t stop. It just a flash of comet pass through earth. We can see, but can we catch? Another sight, we can remember. It’s a stigma on heart. It can’t clear. Fear in our mind, insulted in brain, scar on body, adversity of devil challenge, promises we make with nerd, it is a clammy stuff. Don’t let others to control our life. Life is us, god presents us, we must cherish. We have no righteousness to judge people and even ourselves. So, what do we need to do?


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