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Monday, December 14, 2009

Lim Ping Chun

I tell you all. He is not fat at all, he is just chubby. It’s difficult to describe him, I just wanna tell you that he look alike with his father, copy & paste.

He has a shamefaced, pigeon-hearted, intelligent brain and good Chinese writing skills. It’s totally a reality to me. I can’t understand a single sentence in his Chinese essay. You’re the one. Haha
I know I’m such an embezzler to you, I always bully you, like a recalcitrant. But you never give me an earful, I must thank god. If I speak sheepishly to you, will you think I have something wrong?? “don’t ever think that.”

You’re the only one who always listen to me, no wonder my words is rubbish, brickbat, gospel….you will give me a nod. I know sometimes you will feel yawn or jerk me or curtly to answer me, all this I don’t mind, unless you give me a sharp frowns and scold me “asshole”, I will quickly stay away to find a save territory that you won’t cross. XD

You’re the noble guy, sorry to affect your “pure mind”. I’ll stop that, promise.
At last, please think about your future plan. It is an important plan that everyone must have, don’t be a missing sheep, it has no bright way to find the way home. :p


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