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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Did u guys have ever meet a girl tat make your face blush,heart beating increases,,passion,,wanna know her,,???

i had once.i was incredulous.i'm always a metal hearted guy..Why a girl will stole my heart swiftly??asking myself.."chuckling"..


I looked longingly at SHE as i saw her chatting with her friends. Although SHE is showered by water, wet, clumsy hair but SHE wore black shirt, black pants and a necklace that brings lucks, she was so beautiful. SHE was the most beautiful thing on two legs. SHE was modest, tall, sweet and innocent – everything that I wanted in my girlfriend.

She appeared unintentionally to shade some light to my definition of love. In the eyes of others, she might be just a girl who stays next door living in ordinary life. But for me, she is not. Some kind of adage by XX “A perfect lady isn’t real, a real lady isn’t perfect”. Absurd, I have no other words to describe about her but ideal and flawless.

For some inexplicable reason, I was tongue-tied. I had rehearsed saying, “ Hi, SHE, I’m Jeffrey.” at least a hundred times in heart and facing the toilet mirror. Having waited a couple of minute for SHE to past by me. I had failed again.

Forlornly, I walked alone in the path to swimming pool. On the swimming pool water I reflected upon my plight. I knew that I was not bad-looking and SHE was not an unfriendly sort who would snub my offer of friendship. Dabbling water to the fluttered leaf beside the pool. Thinking how to seize a chance to get closer to SHE.

My feeling bound me in bizarre……..is that means LOVE??

If I have that chance, will my tongue-tied? Will SHE give me a poker face?? Anyway, I try to go there frequently, waiting SHE appear at the rendezvous, hoping SHE can remember me……. ^^


theng ^^ said...

Who is SHE ah??? haha^^

kenwooi said...

so sweet ah? =)


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