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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

god bless

Thank god…

I’m very happy 2day. I had done my job that god leave it to Christians, sharing gospel. 2day, a guy has trusted god is the only one and Jesus Christ is son of the god. Hope he can continue choice that he made 2day. I’ll do my best to help him.
God bless. AMEN

I had met a Christian by far. It’s so less in Malaysia. Some people even don’t wanna know why we celebrate Christmas. I was pissed. Why refuse?
Huh……make a deep breath.
Do you all know what is Christmas? What is the purpose we celebrate? Don’t tell me we celebrate for the Christmas tree. Haiz… I was flabbergasted.
I was devastated and who can comfort me……
I’ll strive for more people to know you god. It’s a trivial job for me but contains lot of meaning.
Sooner or later I’ll reach my target………….gambateh…………cheer up……^^


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