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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Chloe Siew Yuan Theng
A girl that has pair of beady eyes, noble, unassuming and has a perfect inner beauty. Such a gorgeous eulogize to her. In fact, she is a nice girl with a persistent personality. Will not give up easily, and cause me fed up to her. Always get high marks in additional math, make me feel jealous, it’s also a positive influence to me, “I wanna defeat her.” I vow.

Besides school uniform, she is always suited in dark-colored t-shirt and jeans. That’s her “logo”. No doubt, that’s her unassuming, not like some others brat, suited tacky and overdraw. Looks like going to such a spooky soiree….. Perhaps my friend didn’t wear like, or afraid to show in front of me. XD

A single parent family is so difficult to stand on this muddy earth. Not easy to walk. Notwithstanding, Chloe is the strongest girl. Never ask why and determine to be a good girl. She is a top notch in piano. Although I had never listened her musical performance, but in my ideal Chloe, she will record down and let me hear. XD

Maybe I haven find your shortcomings. I won’t give up. Always remember you still have us, do not sob miserably alone. MJ-“you’re not alone, I’m here with you, though you far away, I’m here to stay………”


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