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Monday, December 21, 2009


this pic a bit blur,,,perhaps the Santa Claus still in round shape
hallo~~~~......the little angel was pulling a big bag~~~presents!!! if the Santa says who want a present,,,i may be queue up with those children..xp

FOO,,,don't dream le...presents is for under12....you're to over aged...ha

SORRY, i feel this is a nice pic, so i posted....forgive ..T_T...haha

we are talking someone shirt....dirty adi...XD...at last i didn't tell her


auntie FOO and auntie SIEW

they were dreaming their boyfriend to feed them.....haiz.....

i'm not the uncle with auntie..XP

i'm scolding the camera man.coz cant tahan adi....had capture almost 3minutes

Christmas is coming soon. hope you guys stay with good health and happiness.

Christmas is a memorable day to all Christians. because this day a baby had born and is a big deal. he is the only one. TQ


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