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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Emily Foo Li Ting

I know her since standard 2. The time passes so fast until I couldn’t separate with her. But I had share lots of triumph, adversity, sadness and happiness as well as quarrel together in my journey of life. No doubt, I care about her. She aim so much for me, Li Ting. Li Ting, I think you are amazing, like, the beauty and brains incarnate. Other than that, she also has a pair of keen eyed, searching handsome boys as well as Edward Cullen, boys who’re wealthy, some guys who has a good music career…..
Between times, she had told me something. Something that is incredulous and amazing. For instance, her BF. She told me her BF brickbat. That is incredulous. If her BF know, it may be very embarrassing to him. Girl tells boy about her partner. Because I had never heard my girl friends talk about their partner in front of me. And the amazing is many boys had fall under her dress. Some of them don’t want to break relationship with her. Such a big attraction expose from her, fervor frenzy.
Foo, I always wanna tell you, THANK YOU. I appreciate to know you. You’re the one who give me positive influence and help me bring out my best and tide me through difficult times.
Last but not the least, I afraid you restrain me with one sharp frowns, and ignore me, cause me feel bad dreams in night.

I have the most wonderful relationship that anyone of you can get. This is the person I offers love and respect and will never leave or betray her.


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