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Thursday, March 18, 2010

alone or popular

Home alone.

Walk alone.

Eat alone.

Dream alone.

Talk alone.

I have been deserted from my soul. It’s a stupid nonsense bluffing myself here.

Maybe I’m trying the life like living in desert. It’s damn bored.

No one in home prepare dinner for you.

No one help you to wash cloths.

No one help you to refill water kettle.

And no one ask how are you.

If a normal human being, he will die very soon. But alas, I’m an exception, I still alive in Malaysia KL desert. Anyone who rendered me a helping hand, help me escape from here, escape from this monotony life.

I’m missing her? Can she feel it?

Someone told me can: some tell me relentlessly, are you using TM-net to connect her heart? I was blush.

In school, there are many rumors around. I don’t know now days, why rumors can spread so fast, just like the tornado moving in a high speed and destroy everything. The rumor has destroyed my perfect repute. I become a playboy at last. This playboy title I can’t handle it, it is like a timer-bomb. It may cause others girl to stray away from me; boy hate introduce girl to me.

Within a day, I will be well-known to everyone.

Within a month, I will be insulated by girls.

Within a month, I will be hated by everyone.

Every moment, I am thinking how to rescue my name, Jeffrey.

This is what happening among my life. In school, tuition centre and even church, I will the target of pursuer scandal. How can I oblivious these rumors. Thus, I must prove to everyone, I’m the one who loyal to girlfriend, I’m the one who don’t complain to girl, I’m the one who put her the most lovely precious.

If the rumors continue, how can I reduce???


kenwooi said...

try to be low profile for the moment =)

Supia Chao said...

well what you want me to tell you now?? Chill, if you are not a playboy dun worry, rumors will never spoil your reputation. unless you really are.
Just be yourself. Rather be hated for what you are, then be loved for what you are not.
The higher you climb, you need to watch out more. As the road is harder, know your REAL friends. Coz normally those by your side are those that spread the rumors.

hope this post will help you.. knowing your true friend..


woaini_87 said...

Life is your, you choose how you want it to be, don't care about what people think..
Human often talk about others without looking at their own back... God is there to watch who is correct, and who is not..
Don't worry, you gotta trust yourself and have confidence or you will fail your LIFE test..

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