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Monday, March 22, 2010

naming of my link title

Trying to link other blog side to my leaf-ING room, who wants to leave a link here, I’ll extremely appreciate.

Before the link open to public, I must name a title, nothing will more important if the title can’t catch people eyes on it. Thus, it seems to be a bit hard. Anywhere, I read some comment recently. They ask me to open a link side.

Maybe I’m too free that time, even lazy to update. Alas, the laziness has swallows me up. I’m too lazy to type so many times in the address box to read others blog. In fact, I have put my intention to open a link side….

And lastly, please give me some words to name the title. It's quite important to put my favorite side on it

Maybe the link will open in this weekend, because I’m suffering in exams, damn suffocating…..laugh out here b4 I dizzy in class…..XD


kenwooi said...

many put it as blog roll.. or just a simple "blogs" will do.. =)

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