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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

god is a part of my life

I wanna go camp…..why cannot….

Rehearse asking the same question in front of my mom. But she never thinks twice to answer me, straight away reject me. Gosh, do I look like a small kid, can’t take care myself when outing??

What’s the problem she don’t let me to go camp? This is my last year in school and this camp will held in Melacca. It’s damn exciting….why don’t let me go…

Can’t write more here, time is lesser and lesser for me to prepare for the coming war. The SPM result is coming out on this Thursday, hope those who is taking result have a pretty nice day. And I must continue the journey to dazzle my future. Wish you and me are the same human.

We are finding happiness every moment we breathe. Stop thinking those annoying stuff. Take a deep breath. And it will be better. Always continue our journey, because our god has planned our journey, obey him, it won’t lead u to a dark place.

He is the one who knows what we need now.

He is the one who created us so unique.

He is the one who lead us to heaven.

He is the only one who gives so many meaning as well as challenge to our life.

He is powerful.


Supia Chao said...

Your mummy din give any reason to not let you go to camp? I never go to camp during my school time also, my mummy dun let me too. And so I ended up making myself believe that I actually hated camp.
Stay strong.. ^^

meiqi said...

erm...i dun noe hw your mom dun giv u go camp..
Bt,i thk she sure have her own reason..
And tht reason sure is for protect u from injured..
Try to thk from your mom's point..
Maybe u can find the reason from tht..mayb..
Good luck^^

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