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Friday, March 26, 2010

i love that moment

Finally, I found your shadow.

Absurd, I was stunned at that moment.

At last, I found your status in internet.

But alas, I was afraid to leave a comment on it.

When your words is like a maze, my feeling bound me in bizarre.

I feel many in that moment when I saw the words. It was incredulous. I was just imagining who the guy is. It seems stupid to me. We are impossible in everything. Even a short conversation we can have. Everything I feel so lucky…..

It came too fast and flew too soon. I can’t catch your step. It is endless………

The 1st question I may want to ask is how are you recently?

2nd question, did you do your job well?

3rd question, did you get hurt on your last outing?

4th question, why u leave so early on that day?

5th question, am I disturbing you?

6th question, what are you thinking now?

7th question, can you tell me a story?






I am just an extra ordinary thing appeared at the most unwanted moment. And this most wasting moment, u appeared unintentionally. It was an unpredicted scene. It has been etched in my memory, as well as I just reviewing that happiness in a small capacity silently.


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