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Monday, May 3, 2010


Donation…..why the card is for me??? Do I look like a millionaire??? Do you know how stingy and selfish I am??? Why still give a bloody card to ask for donation from my family members???

I am lethargic for school works. I am frenzy to physic theory.

I am an empty pocket guy right now.

I am disguising my hate as love.

I feel so pity to my class monitor as she is trying to console those nerds to be more co-operated.

I am forcing myself do not be meteoric.

I am forcing myself not to puffy when rushing bus.

Forcing myself to be more handsome as well…

Everything moving in a lighting speed-299,792,458 meter per second, how I chase??

Wearing a convex lens, power- diopter, how much power of my glasses until I feel so daze?

Do I look like an electromagnetism? Why my voltage so high until the magnet is so strong to attract girl? I need a step-down transformer to stay lonely.

The pressure is defined as the forces acting perpendicular to surface area. Why I can feel the pressure exerted on me relentlessly? Do the forces is visible? Yes, of cause definitely a fact.

Sound wave transfer through a medium must have vibration and it is longitudinal.

I hate medium as well. It causes the gossip to fly around us.

Physic tells me the world is created by god. Everything has a formula. God has it brilliant brain as everyone won’t

have in this world. I appreciate these formulae and trying to disguise my hate as love again. Pleasing it from my god…..

I must walk diligently until my legs disappear. Be strive, applauding my soul…

.. LOL…..



Elaine New said...

oh god, i hate tat donation card thing too! haha. i hate physics! but i got A2 in spm! wheee! XP

meiqi said...

lolx,all about physic...
==although no money also nid to giv it..
my money also gone==

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