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Monday, April 26, 2010

my life is busy...

Busying recently, couldn’t draw out some time to update. My brain is fulfilled with all chemistry element as well as physics law. The latest exam I done was very easy. Looking to the paper that passed from front, I could hardly guess what the questions are about.

Although I read through the whole reference book, I still not managed to answer the whole paper. Results that I got was all half from the hundred. OH NO. How can it be. Sigh, to let myself calmer. Nothing can do unless I give up. I will be strive t pursue the flawless result.

Some photo had uploaded. These are the happiness portray. Happy everyday!!!

forgotten to bring glass....XD

by my side is my school head prefect.ketua pengawas...i feel guilty to him...XD..

13march 2010....had fun with all good boys in school....


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