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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

showing off to you....

Learning to show off is indeed prideful. Just like monster says, show it off what you learning here before someone visit you front the grave. Nevertheless, he thought us, show off at blogspot and facebook. Giving some meaningful comment with umpteen words that stun those readers brain is our main intention. It is a visible intruder of knowledge.

Practising English skills when typing comment and articles are the alternate way for me to reveal what monster thought me. No doubt, he is really an assuming guy, love to show off just because of his undisputed confidence on writing English. It has given me a lesson, a lesson that tells me which lever I am. Comparing him to me, I’m still a kid; perhaps I would devastate him with treble. But it was too bad I gave him a wrong URL, he couldn’t find here until next week.

when will malaysia win a thomas cup again????

Back to Thomas cup, Malaysia was defeated overwhelmingly by undisputed china. It isn’t anything new to Malaysians. To umpteen Malaysian, this maybe sorrow news to us, everyone had paid their support to Malaysia team, but they lost. And we were witnessed the cup gone to china again in Putra Jalil Stadium. Anyway, we have done our job as inspiring to nation team.

LIN DAN, china, he is a guy who fulfilled with massive confidence. A guy who do not afraid any war as well as enemy. After he defeated Malaysia player, he show off his muscle to all Malaysian that victory comes from strive, triumph is gained with lot of practice. Psychology is a fact that caused Malaysia lost. Hoping nation team can overcome this obstacles by destroying undisputed the great wall of china, bring back the Thomas cup 2010. Malaysian team won’t pale in badminton world.


Anonymous said...

hi=] u are the best of the best...hmm..i'm so admire u...=] cheer up in ur life..

kenwooi said...

well.. malaysia will need to revamp their team =)

jfook said...

Mmm...Malaysia should do something towards its badminton team.

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