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Monday, November 1, 2010

today better than yesterday

Stop trampling me. The burden of As’ is trampling me. I’m render helpless…..

Can I shout above deafening buzz alone? Yes, I can. Yet, I failed. It is only a smattering of depression. I am trying to widen my mind. “I’m not an aged student.” mumbling myself. Peeping my father, he is 45, look better than me. Smile is always portrayed on his face. I should lean from him. As the saying goes, like father like son.

Today, my teacher thought me a word, native. I have known it very well. However, I didn’t use it in a proper way. It is adamant to use for describing races as well. I heard my class teacher said, are you pure chinise? Do you think how my tuition teacher answered? How pure do you want? 70%? Like alloy? LMAO………………………….

What can I do? Should I laugh? I used to be the same if he didn’t teach me. I definitely would have used“pure” Chinese to ask somebody. I think, others’ would LMAO on me.

Anyway, I appreciate this. We need to learn from mistake to make it better, best.

I bet you would not resist to LOL     


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