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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Showery days continue wreaking havoc in several countries. It seems our mother nature is revenging to us. I read an article recently as it said our earth is mad. Polar bear has been started eating their “children”. Some huge bears even eat the corpse from the coffin. It sounds crazy. I have overwhelmed food which causes me so fat. Absurd, the bear has nothing to eat? Do I finish its food? Or do I hunt them to eat? Sorry, I do not. But I switch on air-cond to kill them unintentionly.

I think more effort should be taken. We cannot point finger at anyone because we are murderer too. After 7 years more, I would like to make a scheme to protect them, trying my best to resort measures on the global worming. In a certain extent, our country would be a massive oven if the temperature continues increasing drastically. Furthermore, the weatherman will predict higher reading of temperature which is awful. Oh my god. We will back to heaven soon~~”

Animals are between the devil and the deep blue sea. We are the one who says loud but do least. We will be paid. If we do not want the bears to kill us, then we should switch off our air-cond. Remember, do as you would be done by. Do be an empty vessels making the most noice. This is what we are now. I’m the one also… T_T


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