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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Days

I am flying,

Soaring through the air,

Looking up the clouds, I hold my breath,

Can I do this?

Everything comes in twinkling of an eye. It is too fast. I awake from a dream, swirling in the melodies with the singing birds. As usual, I keep my finger crossed, hoping it will be a good day.

With the drowsy scent of slumber still enveloping me, I fumble my way into the bathroom.

As I busy brushing my teeth, the thought of SPM is imminent. Counting down the days left, my heart starts huffing and puffing. If my dreams could bring me towards an ideal world which is stress less, I would be the sleeping princess forever.

The morning is fine. There is a slight breeze in the scented air. It certainly seems like the tough day is over. I continue studying solely.

These are the mornings before SPM.

I have a very long time did not log on here. Just in the usual way, I ended my words with wish. I do not think a man can handle all things perfectly. No one is super. So, I do speak loudly, in the highest amplitude, saying “I can”.

No matter how tough it is, nothing is impossible.

As the saying goes “if the first time you do not succeed, try again”. The only loser is those who give up before trying. CHEER!!!!



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