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Friday, June 11, 2010

praise HIM

After finishing my malacca camp, I have to give myself a break, to continue my long-long journey.

Reviewing back my previous post, I have not written any evangelism post. It is no doubt, I’m just a pseudo-Christian. I was sad and deeply regretting what I have missed. Sarcastically, my Facebook religion view is written that I am a Christian. What I have done, it is not enough to praise my god. Anyway, I have bought a new international version bible. Start to read English version, and then write in here. “Love the Lord your God with all your mind and with all your strength” <>

my new bible.....sheer white....

I have learnt a lot after this camp. There are many Christians came from all over peninsular and Singapore. I was fascinated by some of the girls, maybe I have seen umpteen KL beauty, now is the time to seek some other beauties from different state. Excluded the girls, the most handsome pastor, a Singaporean, he has sought my soul into his brilliant sharing. I couldn’t found any way to dream but God. He has shared all his experiences with us as well as jokes that relate to our life and gospel. He has taught me what a behavior must a Christian have. I thank him with his good work.

the view from my bed in Melacca

SUSHI KING....again......

Before ending this short post, I can’t wonder what time I can type another post, I have no time. It is so cruel.


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