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Saturday, June 26, 2010

losing control...

A few days I didn’t open my website updating my recent activities. It seems I would have to off my site before it die. Absurd, making decision is my shortcoming. And I have no idea this few days what am I busying for. I’m not diligent on my studies and blogging as well. Asking what happen to me, no one can answer me but a word “decline”. Maybe world cup has mixed up my time table, I have to stop this damp situation. ARH~~~~

My mom asked me about my future career. i’m not going to tell her I will fail my history and moral subject. What can I answer her question when I have no idea about myself.

Fellows asked how my relationship with God is. Oh no….i was totally caught by this question. I don’t have enough confidence to tell him what I’m thinking.

What I gotta do now??? Missing in this small planet……..


stoney said...

after reading your blog I think you push your self too much la jeffrey.... as your friend I just hope put your pressure down rather than love down....
Do not be pressured by religious question try to answer with your true heart, don't be shy

LeneLene said...

Be optimistic always. There's time when I doubted about my future and chooses a path where I think I want to and end up kinda regret. But now I guess I've found what I want to be doing. Hope the same to you too.

p/s: I love the song played in your blog so much

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